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Not even the US military (or any other for that matter), is as meticulous and creative in preparing for the worst possible scenario.

Not only our understanding of cause/effect and physics, is superior to any of them, we also understand the vulnerabilities and limitations of the available technologies and materials, and that’s why we always build with larger than anyone safety margins and the proper back-ups, that always includes a back-up plan for the back-up plan.

We are based in Europe and can  assist you anywhere in the world.

If you’re frustrated with the half solutions, continuous compromises of most house plans, or in most cases the disposable junk packages that some want to sell you —  we can help you!
We can design a house or building, that will meet ALL your requirements and will protect you,  your family and your possessions for years to come.

 If your idea of a safe house, is one that will survive a big disaster, any weather or fire, or an end of the world scenario, we have the answer.

Wood, or any other combustible material should never be used on the exterior of ANY responsible house — thinking is hard!

All materials that are not combustible can be used, if all you want is a fire resistant/proof home. But if you are serious about fire protection and safety, they must be used properly and in conjunction properly built doors and window shutters and go on homes with bullet proof walls at a minimum. All else is a disposable home!

Beware of people trying to sell you bunkers that have absolutely no safety! 

Most underground bunkers will protect well against CBRE TREATS (chemical, biological,radioactive, explosions),  small mortars, grenades, or even large explosions  at close distance and even natural disasters, but people who didn’t prepare for such events, will be the biggest threat after the event occurs and any serious survival plan must include a no excuses complex, with a defense system, that can resist armed attacks.

Unfortunately many have bought into such ridiculous underground shelters, with some that can be damaged by fire, others that take only minutes to break into and they all have vents and other devices, such as solar panels, above ground, with no way to defend them — besides having no place to store your vehicles.

If your idea of protection, includes being protected against military force attacks, we have a solution for that too. Our bunker concept is virtually unbreacheable, other than being digged with heavy machinery, or bombed out. Our bunker concept inside the right mountain, would be impossible to breach!

We have solutions – they have excuses!


Are you tired of settling for less?

Are you tired of not knowing if you’re coming home to a pile of rubble, or having to leave your house because of a wild fire, tornado, hurricane or flood?

Are you tired of living in fear?



Regardless of what anyone claims or says, always set your own requirements and demand tests of the chosen methods, or test them yourself. Do not trust existing codes, ratings or testing methods, as most codes and minimums are insufficient, some ratings and test methods are inadequate, and do not represent real conditions.

Above all, do your homework.

Anyone can see they made a mistake after a home is built, or should we say, most can! Some are so blind, that even after their home is destroyed by a ridiculous fire, or normal weather event, turn around and build the same inadequate, disposable home they had before — shame on them!

To plan properly and create a home to be the best possible within a budget takes EXPERIENCE, VISION, TALENT and a NO EXCUSES common sense approach to building, based on real conditions, complete understanding of materials and how to use them properly, and a complete understanding of the real effects of the different forces involved in any scenario.

Please take advantage of our free advice and free basic consulting, before you set yourself to build your new house!