Pyramid House



The Pyramid shape is close to being the perfect shape! Some will even claim it has special powers in the shape itself — having an energy field, while others feel it is a symbol of power.

Regardless of what others make of it, our concept is to have a very solid building, that is safer than in any other above ground building, including the Domes.

Even if Domes are stronger when built to the same standards, they are harder to defend by one person.

There are a few Pyramids out there, with some being built out of wood and others being impractical and too small, or poorly designed. Somehow it seems to be a shape too complicated for some to design or build properly, and it will scare some away, because it is a little more complicated than a normal house  to build.
We see it has any other building, that can be built for the same price of a regular home in the same area!

Our Pyramid IS ONE STEP ABOVE  any pyramid (safe-house) built out there and is unique, with many exclusive features not found in any other safe-house.  Not only is it completely fireproof, it is also tornado proof, hurricane proof and will withstand a very large earthquake without any serious damage, as it will jump, slide and move around while staying mostly intact and livable. Because it is built as a one-piece structure, with a center shaft of concrete walls, plus solid concrete walls from the corners to the center shaft, plus all floors being of solid concrete, what makes it so rigid, that one could pick it up with a crane, lay it on one side and it would stay intact.  The pyramid will also resist an explosion blast at close distance, even a nuclear one, because the angle of the walls will deflect most of the blast force, as it will deflect projectiles and bullets.

The Pyramid will be the best structure to survive a massive flood, or tsunami, because it has living space as high as 40 feet above ground; even more because the top balcony in the design shown, sits at about 48 feet above ground, (kitchen, bath, family room, and extra bedroom are on the 3rd floor and 20 feet above ground). The Pyramid can’t be tipped over by a massive wave either.

The pyramid is also the easiest above ground structure  to defend, or watch by one person! The clean flush outside has nowhere to hide for possible intruders and anyone from the top can easily see and shoot anyone around it. Four cameras and four lights on top of it will also provide complete coverage of the outside of it, not to mention you can have four weapons mounted on the top (or a rotating one), that could be remotely controlled from anywhere in the house. All exterior openings can also be protected by weapons, flame throwers, etc.

It’s also important to have a solid concrete fence, just like the pictures, so no one can shoot you from the outside when you are out on your yard. For the best security when choosing a location, one should have a 2 mile radius of clear visibility around your property as the ideal set up, with sensors and cameras covering all the perimeter (more advanced set-ups will have a large levee outside the fence and a deep channel in front of it to stop vehicles from driving all the way to the fence and even ramming it).

We are aware that some space is lost because of the angles of the exterior walls, but it has no roof, or attic, what offsets most of the loss of usable space, even if most can be used for mechanical equipment, or storage.

The angle we are proposing, 57.65 degrees (but it could be down to 56 or even 55) is the best compromise. Even if it may look a little steep, a wider bottom will take too much space. But one can use any angle, even making it close to the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA with an angle of 51.5 degrees, but at those angles, one can almost walk up on the walls, which creates a security issue, besides wasting too much space.

When built in conjunction with a bunker directly underneath, it will be the ideal place to ride a end of the world scenario. It can survive an assault by a small armed force, not to mention it being the ideal place to invite friends over (with a very nice  floor plan, great for entertaining), to enjoy the wonderful force of nature in tornadoes and hurricanes, in a place that is completely safe.

You can install solar panels in the exterior walls or even a wind generator on top, but that goes against our philosophy of long term survival, as those installations will be vulnerable to a variety of problems such as tornadoes, fires, hurricanes, bullets, etc! A safe way to install solar panels is to have them installed inside of a pit,  with a heavy cover that could even be covered with dirt for camouflage/protection and would slide closed when alarms are activated, or in a survival mode. The wind generator would follow the same guidelines with a tilting tower.


Foundation, exterior walls and floors all solid concrete – it could also be all steel.

Solid concrete walls angle from exterior corners, to corners of the center shaft making it very rigid. The shaft is actually off-center to accommodate design requirements, another of many exclusive details in our Pyramid, giving it a real one-piece integrity, to the point it could be tipped over, or picked up and retain its shape.

Shown size is 76 feet by 76 feet base, by 60 feet high. It could be 80’x80’x60′ and larger. 76’x76’x60′ or larger is the ideal size for a large Pyramid, because it provides enough garage space and a center shaft, that makes the Pyramid stronger and safer, because any projectile that penetrates the exterior wall, still encounters 2 more walls before getting to the opposite side room. It could also be built 60’x60’x48′, 50’x50’x40′, 40’x40’x32′, and even 30’x30’x24′, if all you’re  looking for is a  extra safe small apartment over a bunker, while having a defensible above ground location.

3 Garages that are completely separated from one another. It could also be 1 or 2 garages and extra living areas.

Center shaft of solid concrete for stairs and elevator. With a escape emergency stairway that will lead to the basement/bunker. A dumbwaiter and even a slider could be incorporated on it.

All controls for cameras, alarms and weapons  can be placed anywhere in the house, with the main station in the bunker, in a special built command center.

Windows shown are for demonstration purposes. Windows will have exterior solid shutters with security bars, or a louver type shutter, that doesn’t need security bars, all made of 1/4 inch steel minimum. We have a exclusive electric powered louver window SHUTTER, that allows light to go through and protects  against intruders, bullets and weather, bringing  true 24/7 piece of mind. Shutters will automatically close when the alarm is activated, or even when wind increases above a certain speed.

01 (1) - Cópia

Our safest option is of course no windows at all, or have just a small window below a large panel of glass, that will keep intruders guessing where the real window is and have them high enough, so a person inside can’t get shoot from anyone outside and use them as firing ports when under attack.

Doors inside the pyramid are all steel (or aluminum) and garage to house are sealed and  are 1/4 inch steel minimum. Exterior doors will be bunker type doors, preferably of triple steel panels and filled with concrete. Garages doors can open up, out, or have a 2 piece sliding door with a bolt shut option, or even a tilt down option, like in toy-haulers. We prefer triple steel, because it’s the safest door against torching and jack-hammering. The concrete must be steel fiber reinforced. A well built door will take hours to breach, even in a sophisticated  or mechanized attack. Our doors are actually stronger than the adjacent walls of 8 inch concrete.

02 (1) - Cópia

The front door can be slider, hinged, or tilt and can have either a secondary door, or a safety bar system on the hallway for security, that will lock anyone in the hallway that enters the front door unauthorized. All doors are motorized with manual back-up and like windows, they are connected to alarms and can be remotely controlled.

The Pyramid could be built uncapped, with a 3rd floor only, to a height of approximately 34 feet, with a balcony on top and a possible helicopter pad.

Our exclusive air circulation system, in conjunction with an A.C. system, will reduce energy consumption by 5O% or more over the best walls out there. Our wall system is comprised of an exterior wall of 8 inches of concrete, plus 2 inches of air space, with  air going  circulating in one direction all around the building and going through thermal or mechanical conditioning, plus an inside wall a minimum of 4 inches, with an R-value of 25 or more.
It will have 2 Windows (one on the exterior wall and one on the inside wall) of triple pane glass with air circulating in between them and thermal shutters in both windows to  protect against fires and extreme temperatures. Compare that to the wind breakers out there.

19 (1)

AS shown 5000 square feet approximately, 5 bedroom 6 bathroom.

Fourth and fifth floor includes balcony overlooking family room.

Top raises on mechanical rams exposing the balcony, using no air or oil rams —  if two mechanical rams fail the top won’t collapse.

All stairs meet building codes.

We also have a variation to the pyramid form, that can be a pentagon, an octagon, or even a cone.

Also one could add balconies at all levels, or do open balconies/platforms from the fourth floor up. We just prefer the flush outside for safety reasons.

SAMPLE of a Second floor with a 4 bedrooms 4 baths layout on the shown pyramid. As you can see, it’s a very practical and spacious design and it could easily acommodate 2 more bedrooms if desired and still have 2 master suites. You can also see how the structural angle walls interact with the center shaft. The center Shaft is off-center to allow for a larger living area on the 3rd floor and  move the stairs back on the top balcony to allow a U-shape walk-way. You can see the empty space behind the elevator for the secret passage that will have entrances from the master bedroom and other selected areas and will go all the way down  to the bunker first hallway. Visible is also the dumwaiter and area for a possible slider. Area shown as attic can be used for storage, sitting area, or just leave them with the angle showing.
3RD Floor 76x60

Below is a sample of the 3rd floor of the same pyramid where you can see the living area, kitchen, pantry, bath and the extra bedroom/office/den.

Below is a sample of the 6th floor where you can see the pulled back stairway and the U-shape walkway.

6TH floor 76X60