Sphere house


Raising the bar once again in a unique, super-safe and fun to live in home.
From being completely immune to fire and any weather, the Sphere House will resist quakes, bullets and intruders better than anything available out there.


Foundation, exterior walls and floors all solid concrete.

Solid concrete walls angle from exterior to corners of center shaft, making it very rigid, giving it a real one piece integrity, to the point it could be rolled over, or picked up and retain it’s shape. Our basic wall is 8 inches of solid concrete with dual rebar layer (more in large buildings), plus a 2 inch air chamber and 4 more inches of insulated wall.

Top raises on four mechanical rams and when closed, is air and water tight.

Shown size is 60 foot diameter, with about 12 feet below grade , but it could be arranged in any way you desire from sitting on a pedestal all above ground, without lateral support blocks, to sitting only on the blocks, or other “LEG” arrangement. It can even been mounted on a “bowl” on shock absorbing blocks, for those looking for the ultimate quake riding house.

Of course, one could have it bigger or smaller depending on needs. Our philosophy is to have garages attached to your building, so one never has to go out in the open unprotected in a survival situation and even if one could have a 30 foot diameter or  less sphere, at some point it will become too small for any vehicle.

4 to 6 story high, with basement and full level for garages, with parking for 8 or more vehicles.

Center shaft of solid concrete for stairs and elevator. Center shaft goes down to basement/bunker, that is built a minimum of 4 feet below grade for radiation protection and is as wide as the supporting lateral blocks, giving extreme structural integrity to  the building.

In a pedestal arrangement, the bunker will serve as a foundation as it does now, but in that case it will be much deeper, making it possible to have a multilevel bunker.

3 top levels for living area, with top raising in mechanical rams like in our pyramid, exposing a large 20 foot diameter balcony.

It could also have another level for garages if desired, with an elevator to transfer vehicles from level to level and even a guest apartment below the garages.

Will have a minimum of 4 bedrooms and 6 baths and up to 10 bedrooms 12 baths.

Windows can be as designed, so one selects a few panels to have real windows and the others are for decoration purposes and will leave possible attackers guessing which is which.

Windows will have bullet proof glass and steel shutters for maximum security.

We have an exclusive electric powered louver window SHUTTER, that while allowing light to go through, will protect you against intruders and even bullets, bringing you true 24/7 piece of mind.

Shutters will close automatically when alarm is activated, or even when wind increases above a certain speed.

Extra safe bunker doors, with triple steel and concrete core.

Garages and front door open down like in toy-hauler trailers, but could open any way desired.

Exclusive air circulation system in conjunction with A/C system, that will reduce energy consumption by 5O% or more.

Exterior wall is 8 inches of cast in place concrete with dual rebar layer, then 2 inches space, with circulating air going through a thermal mass, or other conditioning method and an inside wall a minimum of 4 inches, with an R value of 25 or more, plus dual windows of triple pane glass, with air circulating in between the windows.

Small dome over the top will conceal cameras, lights and weapons, while serving as an observation post.

While possible intruders can hide from view in bottom of sphere, unlike in our pyramid, a system of sensors and cameras in conjunction with pepper spray or other gas, flame throwers, and possible weapons, will make it impossible for anyone to get close to the sphere.

3RD floor Sphere

Below is a sample of a 3rd floor of a Sphere. It can also be the 2nd for a cone-house. Same basic layout of a center shaft and a structural skeleton. As shown it has 4 bedrooms 4 baths, but it could have 2 more bedrooms if desired.