Dome house


We can design a dome to fit any need, if this is your idea of a safe house.

Most domes out there are poorly built with some being  too thin, others having no interior skeleton, what makes then vulnerable to large quakes, others have problems with insulation and cracking, besides all of them having safety problems.

All our buildings are cast in place with 2 layers of rebar minimum. Our standard wall is 8 inches of solid concrete, 2 inches air chamber, plus 4 inches of insulation either sprayed or in metal panels — Compare that to the competition!
On the bottom right corner you can see a simple, easy to build silo/dome, super safe and strong.

If you are looking for a more elaborate dome, the picture on the right shows the top 2/3 of our sphere above ground with a diameter of 60 feet (18.28 m). And you can have only the 2/3 built as a dome, or have only 2/3 of the Sphere showing and have the other 1/3 below ground  and have the ideal structure to ride a large earthquake, or protect you against any weather! The bottom can also be your bunker/basement or part of a deeper bunker, it could also be extra living space/storage/garage, you name it!

2/3 of a Sphere of 60 feet diameter (18.28 meters) will still give you a ground floor all for garages  for 12+ cars and 3 more levels for a living area of over 5000 square feet (464+ square meters) what  can easily handle 5 baths 5 bedrooms, plus you will still have the top balcony.

Description of basic dome:

You can build a basic Dome, a Cube, a Octagon or even a normal looking House, with solid concrete walls and roof, for the same price of any other well built House! A normal house may look nice, have beautiful views and in a perfect world without criminals and all kinds of weather and geological problems would be just fine, but we don´t live in a perfect world and it´s time we learn to live with the environment we have!

If a nice House in your area costs 150 US dollars per square foot (1200 Euro per square meter), you can build a Safe-House for the same price per square foot. More complicated shapes like the Pyramid, the Sphere, the above Dome may even cost the same with the right builder — extra security will cost more of course, as it would if you’d incorporate it in a disposal house.

Size as shown is 40 foot diameter, what can accommodate a good size garage for up to 6 cars — but one could have living accommodations on the first level and still have a garage for 2 vehicles. We just don’t recommend windows on the first floor for security reasons.

The second level is large enough for a good 2 or 3 bedroom arrangement. Of course, one can have any size desired and customize it to suit any need.

The top can have an interior shell similar to a nuclear power plant dome, to achieve even greater strength.

Windows have a very basic manual shutter mechanism, easy to build and when built of 1/4 inch (6mm) AR steel, offers excellent protection.

Front door and garage door will be dual or triple layer steel and have a concrete core to offer the best protection against torching, ramming, explosions, and bullets.

A super strong and safe motorized louver shutter is also available. The louver shutter offers excellent protection, because no intruder can get through it and even when open, offers some protection against bullets.

If one goes with the basic manual hinged shutter the windows must have protection bars against intruders.

The best protection will be achieved with very small windows, high of the floor.

The ideal survival dome will have an underground bunker accessible from the inside and built directly underneath the dome.

Ideally the bunker would be built 4 feet below grade for effective radiation protection.