Our bunker

Our Bunker concept

 We consider a bunker to be a place where you can go to be safe from everything, including intruders, not just a hole in the ground!

We divide bunkers in 3 levels depending on the level of security.

LEVEL 1 – Will protect you from intruders armed with small arms and basic tools.

LEVEL 2 – Will protect  from intruders with special tools and some military grade weapons.

LEVEL 3 – Wil protect against anyone, including a military force. Built inside of a mountain.

Our concept is based on a super-safe access tunel with at least 2 turns of 90 degrees and 2 sections, that are each protected by blast doors and have a diferent number of defensible systems on them — from a deep pit, to RC weapons, to the capability to insert flamable agents on it, making it impossible to breach.

They will be all sealed with the capabiliy to have air scrubbers for an unlimited locked down time.

They will have one or more emergency exits, properly camouflaged and protected.

The design will vary, but it will be mostly built of reinforced concrete and   based on the cylinder shape to resist pressures from earth movements.

All designs will be customized to the clients specifications.