Castle house


A modern castle for those looking for the ultimate in privacy and protection. Not only will the wall keep out possible intruders, but with cameras, sensors and possible weapons, it will defeat any intruder, other than those flying or parachuting in.

For that purpose all doors and windows will be subject to the same protection as our pyramid. Including a deep bunker under the house that will protect against all threats and provide long time survival options.

 Description of castle shown:

♦ Perimeter wall 24 feet high.

♦ Perimeter 150×250 feet.

♦ Main house is 5000 sq/ft, 5 bedroom 6 bath as designed.

♦ Large garage in the back.  Possible apartment.

♦ Remote controlled draw bridge is backed up by another high security door.

♦ Perimeter pond is 12 feet wide.

♦ Space under walk way can be used for storage, apartments or other, with 8/10 feet of clear space.

♦ Cameras, sensors and weapons at all corners.

♦ Multi layer alarms and other defenses  incorporated in the walls.

♦ Piranhas, alligators and tank optional……..!